Insanity! BLM Leaders Demand White Seattle Residents Leave Their Homes or Else

The Black Lives Matter protesters have been making their presence felt in cities all over America and it won’t be long before the violence makes its way to everyone’s doorstep. A recent rally that took place in a gentrified area of Seattle went horribly awry and these are the stories that make citizens wonder when things will return to normal again.

The rally was especially problematic because the white residents of this neighborhood were being asked to leave their homes and give them to black people. The videos are stunning and there is not much to be said about them. They are not the product of a media narrative. This is what is happening in American neighborhoods right now.

We are not here to offer too harsh of an opinion about the protests themselves. This is what happens when law and order falls by the wayside, though. Police chief Carmen Best has been pushed out of the city and it’s going just as badly as you would have expected. Mayor Jenny Durkan is cutting back on funding and manpower, so Best quietly removed herself from the situation.

She could have went out in a blaze of sour grapes but that’s not what happened here at all. Best was willing to step aside quietly, allowing Seattle to deal with the awful mess that they have made. This probably doesn’t provide much comfort to the citizens that are currently under siege, though. The city of Seattle is hurting badly and there is no panacea in sight.

Instead, citizens now live in fear of being dragged from their homes by an unruly mob. What happens when they get tired of the intimidation tactics and decide to start opening fire on the protesters? No one is prepared to reckon with the outpouring of violence that is going to take place. If Mayor Jenny Durkan doesn’t get things under control, we shudder to think about what is going to happen next.

Black Lives Matter mob demands White people move out of neighborhood and give their homes to black people.

— Mark Dice (@MarkDice) August 14, 2020

People work too long and too hard to be told that they need to give up their homes to folks who believe that these properties are their birthright. This is not going to go well for them and we anxiously await Jenny Durkan’s reaction. She’s been allowing all of this nonsense to go on for some time now. The “autonomous zone” that turned into a pile of dead bodies was her fault.

All of this blood is on her hands. If she took half of the energy that she spent egging on liberal protesters and used it on actually improving the conditions in her city, Seattle would resemble a utopia by now. When liberal leaders create the environment that allows for this sort of violence, they need to be the ones who step in to clean it up.

Durkan does not believe in true equality. She believes in performative equality, where you act as if you care about the plight of others because it suits you in the moment. If it was a better political move to side with the homeowners in this area, Durkan would be the first one to do so. No one is buying what she’s selling anyway.

Do the liberals even believe in what she has to say? They probably just like having their ideas parroted on a larger platform, to be quite honest. As soon as she says something that they do not like or the political climate moves back in the right direction (literally and figuratively)? The woke mob would turn on her in a split second.

If these people do not like society in its current form, they should probably do something about it that does not involve ordering other people to leave their homes. The citizens of Seattle deserve better but until Mayor Jenny Durkan is ready to actually to do something about it, nothing is actually going to change. We wish them the best of luck.