Fractured Squad Implodes as Members Eat Each Other Alive

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is continuing to alienate herself from all those that she is supposed to be working with. Her bombastic spirit continues to push people away to the point that they want to have nothing to do with her. Her relationships in the House are getting worse by the day. And now that she has finally ticked off so-called friends in the progressive crowd, she stands alone to face the consequences of her sins.

The liberals mocked and made fun of the fact that the president was developing a vaccine in record time. And now that it is done and being distributed, the lustful Democrats are fighting to be the first in line to receive the shots that will supposedly save their lives.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was one of the first to get stabbed in the arm. She did not even wait to think about getting the shot. She stood up and marched right on over to the chair.

And now that she has been inoculated, her so-called friend Ilhan Omar is verbally abusing her with her forked tongue.

Ilhan Omar opened her cheating mouth and blasted Republicans for getting the shot, but she did not stop there. She went after fellow Democrats and Moderates that got shot in the arm.

Her self-righteous spirit came out as she would cry about how politicians should have been the last ones to receive the shot. She verbally abused everyone, saying that they should have waited for everyone else to have theirs first. It is a point that everyone else barfs up their lunch listening to the fake morals of a person that cheated on her family with another man for the sake of getting money for her retirement.

For many of the Democrats, getting the shot was nothing more than a publicity stunt. They want to show their fan base that the virus is still real, and people will need to wait to get their shot in order to see the controlling liberal rules lift from their heads.

AOC was one of the most blatant shows on social media. She took her phone out and did a live stream of her getting stuck with a needle. She would spout off to her deranged fan base that she was getting the shot because of security and the fate of the country was at stake.

AOC is just not that important to where the country would fall if she were not around.

The chump videoed herself getting a shot that could have been used to save the life of an elderly person. But she wanted to get hers because it made her feel important. And now that she is COVID-19 protected, she can move and leave her baseless buddies in the dirt.

And that is what is driving Ilhan Omar nuts. She feels betrayed by her beloved progressive lover because she went and got a shot developed by a president that they were supposed to hate together. Instead of supporting her decision, she is attacking her viciously as a good demonic Democrat does to people they do not like.

The AOC tweeted that her shot was given to her because she did not have a choice. If that were true, then why is Ilhan Omar blasting her with words and disapproving of her getting the shot. Omar is upset because she did not think of the political stunt first.

Omar’s definition of frontline worker is different than everyone else. People at the grocery store are not frontline workers. They are the people that are tasked with helping the sick and running a country. In a real pandemic, the governing body is supposed to be protected so they can do their best to keep things running for the long term. Without a government, there would be no protection from an invading force.

The tight squad is falling apart, and it is undoubtedly a fun thing to watch. Ilhan Omar against the bugged eyed Ocasio-Cortez makes up a lousy boxing match. But it is still further proof that the Democratic Party is not as unified as the media makes them out to be.