Driving High: It’s About to Become a Problem

The Democrats have been so busy looking at marijuana as the golden ticket to improve its tax revenue that they haven’t bothered to look at the big picture. Forget about driving drunk – we’ve got bigger problems to deal with.

It’s likely that as more people obtain medical marijuana cards and head to their local pot shop for recreational marijuana, there will be more high drivers.

Driving under the influence of marijuana is against the law. Of course, tell that to the liberal states that have been more focused on getting the dispensaries open than anything else.

Where are the warnings? Where are the billboards? Where are the commercials with the cautionary tales?

Every state has plenty of info out there about driving under the influence of alcohol. Now, with more people than ever getting their hands on recreational pot, it’s time to focus on driving under the influence of a drug that can lead to hallucinations and more.

Whose idea was this anyway?

Oh, right…the liberals fought so hard to legalize marijuana that they didn’t want to bother to wait for any real studies.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has called out the federal government for their “half-in, half-out” approach to marijuana. The Democrats in Congress want to tolerate marijuana at the local level but they want to forbid it at the federal level.

It’s time to be in or out. By taking a lackadaisical approach, people are going to get hurt.

Listen to the news a bit more carefully. You’ll hear that people are losing loved ones because people are driving under the influence of THC. THC, of course, is the main ingredient in marijuana that leads to the “high.”

As state legislators change drug laws, they’re forgetting to address a huge new issue: “Drugged Driving”. In this clip Dr. Phillip Drum talks about how California’s governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a common sense bill that passed unanimously.https://t.co/95DqrKSC0E pic.twitter.com/reDDqezrRi

— The Outlaws Radio Show (@TheOutlawsRadio) June 21, 2021

Too many states that already have legalized marijuana aren’t being sensible when it comes to keeping everyone safe. The concept of “drugged driving” is being ignored.

In California, Governor Newsom vetoed a bill that had passed unanimously in both the Assembly and the Senate. It would have allowed coroners to perform a drug test during an autopsy to determine the drug that led to a drunk driving fatality.

What this means is that we’re not even able to collect enough statistics. It’s as if Newsom and the rest of the liberals would like to remain ignorant. If there aren’t statistics to show that people are high as a kite while driving, then it’s not actually happening.

Leave it to the conservative Justice Thomas to point out how the federal government has failed. At one point, Schumer and the other liberals were hot to trot to focus on marijuana. Now, they want to leave it up to the states just as things are starting to become a major concern.

On two separate occasions during the Obama administration, memoranda were issued by the Department of Justice that blocked the federal government’s intrusion into state prosecution or legalization schemes.

Yet, every year since 2015, Congress has also prohibited the Department of Justice from spending funds that would prevent states from implementing their own medical marijuana laws.

Enough already.

Thomas has said that “given all these developments, one can certainly understand why an ordinary person might think that the federal government has retreated from its once-absolute ban on marijuana.”

Essentially, people are confused. Can we smoke pot or not? Can we do so anywhere, at any time without consequences? No. Of course not. But, we’re failing to pass common-sense laws because the liberals just want the revenue without the headache of laws…

Can we get some marijuana laws in place that ensures people understand that driving under the influence of pot is bad? This needs to happen in the states with medical and recreational marijuana approved.

And it doesn’t matter whether people are smoking a joint to chill out or because they’re dealing with glaucoma. A THC high is still high – and people cannot get behind the wheel while they’re high because it can lead to fatalities on the road.

Perhaps the liberals need to see a few more people lose loved ones. They’ve been too busy counting their tax dollars that they haven’t heard the open weeping in the streets.