Dems’ New Normal: Police Retiring in Droves in San Francisco and Chicago

We have seen multiple stories of this nature over the past few days. They all point to the same issue: police officers have had enough of being blamed for societal ills and are retiring at an increasing rate. The rate of police retirement has doubled and there is no end in sight. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the 2020 retirement rate already matches 2018’s and its only August.

Michael Lappe, vice president of the board of trustees for the Policemen’s Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago, claims that 110 officers are going to be retiring within the next two months. “That’s unheard of. We’re seeing double the average number of retirees each month. The average is about 24 a month,” Lappe said.

John Catanzara is the police union president. To him, the reasons for retirement are obvious at this point. “Who wants to stay in this environment? If you have the ability to leave, there is no incentive to stay anymore. The mayor doesn’t back us. If you have the financial ability to do so, I don’t blame a single soul for leaving,” says Catanzara.

The San Francisco Chronicle is backing up these assertions with their own report. This is clearly not an isolated issue. If this city’s police exits continue at the same pace that they are on now, the San Francisco Police Department is going to lose twice the amount of officers that they did in 2019 and four times as many as they lost in 2018.

Tony Montoya, president of the Police Officers Association, is concerned. “The members are upset that the social experiment being conducted in San Francisco is failing, and they would rather work someplace that values them,” claims Tony. Many of the San Francisco officers have decided to transfer to the suburbs. These locations offer a shorter commute and lower taxes.

An officer who was interviewed for the story says that the difference is night and day. ““It’s also nice working at a place where everyone isn’t mad at you,” he said. “In San Francisco, everyone was mad. The homeowners would get mad because you didn’t move the homeless who were sleeping in front of their house. Then, when you tried to help the homeless, someone would start yelling about police brutality,” the officer continued.

New York City officers are retiring at a rate of 40 percent. In fact, the city had to put a cap on the number of officers who can retire on a given day. It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that the problem has gotten particularly terrible in Minneapolis. The epicenter of the “defund the police” movement is experiencing widespread officer retirement? Say it isn’t so!

Why would an officer want to wait to see what happens during a time like this? A Washington Post report claims that 150 officers in Minneapolis are going to file post traumatic stress disorder claims and ride off into the sunset. The Star Tribune believes that up to a third of the Minneapolis police force could be gone by year’s end.

Violent crime is on the rise in all of these cities, in case anyone was wondering. Major cities are now experiencing a perfect storm of bad news. The cities are bound to experience a mass exodus as well. The COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating any existing issue that is taking place in America as well. Hopefully, these cities are able to achieve some sort of equilibrium before things get too much worse.

Maybe things will have the chance to bounce back by the time we are talking about this next year. We are trying our best to remain confident and keep from panicking. Anyone who has friends or relatives in these cities is also doing their best to remain calm at the moment. The leftists are getting exactly what they want and it won’t be long before they start to realize that some of their wishes are better left unsaid.