Culture of Laziness Grows…

Most of us have all heard it: that line from our parents about having to walk to and from school for miles in the snow. At this point in the world’s history, or at least America’s, we know that it’s not really true when they say this. After all, cars, school buses, etc., have been in existence for over a hundred years now.

But the phrase isn’t really just about advancing technology, is it?

Instead, it is an age-old way of saying that they had it tougher, that we, as their children, have an easier life – whether that’s due to technology advancements or civil rights progress. It’s also a way of saying that the younger generation doesn’t exactly understand just how good they actually have it.

And as the parent of a teenager myself, I am learning that this sentiment still holds– especially after reading about a recent poll showing that nearly 20 percent of American young adults between the ages of 20-24 neither work, go to school, or participate in some sort of workforce training.

That’s one in five young adults who show no interest in becoming a contributing member of society…

Scary, huh?

During the first three months of this year, the poll was taken by the Center for Economic and Policy Research and was reported by Bloomberg. It alleges that some 3.8 million young people are currently unemployed, not in school, or not attending any sort of vocational training.

The number, known as the NEET rate (not in employment, education, or training), has been recognized as increasing some 740,000 from the same three months of 2020.

Now, obviously, this number was bound to be higher in 2021, seeing as how the coronavirus pandemic put many Americans, young and old, out of work and closed a multitude of schools.

As the CEPR noted in their findings, young adults in the age range in question “were largely employed in sectors that did not allow remote work options and would not be as quick to recover from the pandemic’s shock.”

Young people without much work experience or higher education are typically employed at places in industries that were the first to close down due to COVID-19 and some of the last to reopen, such as restaurants or other service-oriented restaurants vocations. And for those lucky enough to find work in a more “essential” industry, their lack of time there likely put them at the top of the list for layoffs and such.

However, over a year later, and with much of the nation reopen for business as usual, NEET rates are still much higher than average.

As Bloomberg explains, this is a “worrying sign for the future of the economy,” noting that their seeming lack of interest in rejoining the workforce or gaining the skills necessary to do so not only puts off their potential for “future earnings” but also “may foster environments that are fertile for social unrest.”

And boy, haven’t we seen a lot of that this year…

Bloomberg notes that NEET rates for those in minority groups are exceptionally high, with about one in four black American young adults reported inactivity for work or school for the first quarter of 2021. This is nearly 21 percent higher than it was at the same time last year.

So why are so many young adults simply not doing anything but playing on their phones?

Well, according to the CEPR study, most are content to rack in the rewards of Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which is supposed to be helping “improve the employment and educational prospects for young adults.” However, as the study remarks, it is doing anything but.

As the CEPR says, “current and ongoing recovery efforts need to do more to ensure that young adults in today’s diverse working class can improve their long-term prospects in the labor market and prosper in the years ahead.”

Instead, it only seems to be encouraging the youth of America to become even lazier and more entitled. And we wonder why so many of them are turning to socialism… All they see is all of the “free” stuff Democrats like Biden are willing to give them by taxing the rich.

Too bad Biden’s plans to do so won’t work.