Hilarious: ‘Sleepy Joe’ Can’t Wait to Test His ‘Cognitive Ability’ with Trump (We Can’t Wait Either!)

It’s all anyone can talk about – Joe Biden’s mental state. He mumbles. He gets confused on dates. And he talks about absolute nonsense.

Biden is very aware of how everyone is talking about whether he’s senile, too. Rather than simply tell everyone that he’s fine or get tested for dementia, he’s decided that he wants to go head to head with Donald Trump on “cognitive ability.”

Where in the world is Biden’s campaign manager right now? How could he allow Biden to open himself up to something this devastating?

Biden thinks it’s a good idea to get up on stage and prove that his cognitive capability is better than that of President Trump.

In a recent interview with Doug McKelway on Fox News, Biden said that he’s constantly tested. As for proving his cognitive capabilities, he says, “Look, all you’ve got to do is watch me.”

Oh, but Joe. We’ve been watching. And it’s not good.

At a press conference in Delaware, Biden talked about how he would have responded to the coronavirus pandemic if he was in the White House. He also chose to hit Trump about the reports of the Russian intelligence operatives, saying he believed Trump should have known about the intelligence. That’s when Biden called Trump’s cognitive abilities into question.

Biden says, “The president talks about cognitive capability, but he is not cognitively aware of what’s going on.” Rather than letting it go at that, Biden is also asking Congress to investigate the matter. He also wants the public to decide, “whether he is fit for office.” Apparently, Biden doesn’t realize that citizens will also be deciding whether he is fit for office, too.

Biden is 77 years old, three years older than Trump. However, it’s not necessarily about the age that has so many people questioning Biden’s senility. It’s about the constant verbal miscues that are seen any time Biden is in front of a camera.

In a video where Trump’s campaign launched a fake investigative series, Tim Murtaugh, the campaign communications director for Trump said, “The American people deserve to know the truth behind Joe Biden’s delirious and nonsensical claims on the campaign trail.” It’s a legitimate question, too, since Biden has been known to come out with some unusual comments, including calling someone a “dog-faced pony soldier.”

Biden’s response is to point out that he’s had a lifelong struggle to overcome stuttering. There’s stuttering and then there’s not knowing what words are coming out of your mouth, though. There’s also the fact that Biden has gotten confused, named the wrong people in office, and mixed up dates on more occasions than anyone would care to count.

While Trump has had his fair share of Twitter typos and verbal miscues, it’s nothing compared to what Biden has let loose in the past year along the campaign trail.

For Biden to come forward and say that he wants to go head to head and match “cognitive capabilities” with Trump is just asking for trouble. Considering there is actually a poll from the Washington Examiner where 20% of Democrats believe Biden has dementia, there’s an obvious concern over what he can handle.

The debates and there are three lined up between the two of them, should be interesting. Trump is famous for giving nicknames to the former VP, including “Sleepy Joe” being one of the most popular. The energy level between the two of them will be extremely palpable for anyone who tunes in. However, Biden refuses to admit defeat. He’s prepared to compare his energy level to President Trump, too.

Biden better work on bringing his A-game, and perhaps a few cans of Red Bull, too. He’s not going to like the results when he ends up going head to head with Trump. Biden’s also debating on whether he wants to give Trump a nickname. Given some of the doozies Biden has come up with in the past, this should be interesting, to say the least.

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