Census Data Proves Americans Want to Governed by Conservatives

If anything indicates where our nation is headed or what values we hold dear, it’s a census. And for Democrats, the 2020 census was a doozy. Remember when they said there was a blue wave coming, that America was leaning left and everyone liked them more? Well, as it turns out, the 2020 Census shows […]

Convicted Mosque Bomber Changes Gender in Mid-Stream…Hi Ho to Women’s Prison He Wants to Go

In 2017 an Illinois anti-government militia set off a pipebomb at Dar al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. Their plan of killing and mutilating the people inside was foiled by the militia’s lack of expertise in such matters and no one was hurt. The groups’ bearded rough and tumble leader, Michael Hari, 49, was tracked […]

Taliban Mysteriously Go Offline…U.S. Network Host Cloudflare Isn’t Talking…Something’s Amiss

The Taliban are fond of boasting. Each time they claim victory in a new province, town, or village, they make certain word gets out to the rest of the world. They want you to know they’re coming for you next, wherever that might be. The biggest bang for the buck has always been the worldwide […]

Dissident House Dems Turn on Biden and Pelosi…$1 Trillion for a Rainy Day Slush Fund Is Idiotic

It’s finally safe to say House Democrats are wising up. At least nine of them anyway, but hey, it’s a good start, and it’s enough of them to send Biden’s proposed gazillion-dollar domestic budget resolution plan back to the drawing board. But first, a fierce civil war must take place between them and Pelosi’s army […]

Test Positive for COVID-19 in Mississippi and Fail to Isolate? You Could Face Jail-time

If you fail to isolate after testing positive for COVID-19 in the state of Mississippi, watch out because you could be facing fines and even jail time. The state health officer for Mississippi gave a COVID-19 isolation order over the weekend threatening people who refuse to follow the order of self-isolation with the repercussions. Thomas […]

Biden to Reverse Yet Another Trump Policy

It seems that since his very first day in office, if not before, Democratic President Joe Biden has done little but to quite literally reverse every single thing his predecessor Donald Trump touched. And our country couldn’t be more different as a result. We have a southern border overflowing with illegal caravans. Oil and gas […]

Quinnipiac University Just Declared WiFi Restrictions For Unvaccinated Students

Quinnipiac University in Connecticut made a drastic announcement regarding vaccinations on the campus. The university has decided that it will impose fines and WiFi restrictions on students who won’t provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination by the beginning of the fall semester. Quinnipiac has already enforced a mandatory vaccination for students and staff returning to […]

Even Senate Democrats Are Seeking an Investigation into Botched Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Democrats on Capitol Hill chair both the Senate Intelligence and Foreign Relations Committees. They have decided that both committees will launch investigations into the “flawed” American withdrawal from Afghanistan. This withdrawal left close to 10,000 American citizens and 40,000 allies stranded as the Taliban closed in on the capital city of Kabul. President Joe Biden, […]

Texas Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Mandates

With the surge of what is now known as COVID’s delta variant and school years beginning in most places, mask mandates are getting a new and major push in several areas. However, as the Texas Supreme Court just made clear, the Lone Star State isn’t having it. In late July, you might remember that Republican […]

Chaos in Afghanistan…Silence from Camp David

It is utter chaos in Afghanistan as the government has collapsed. The New York Times and other on-the-ground sources reported on Sunday that the Taliban has entered Kabul, which is the country’s largest city. Early on Sunday, the Taliban stopped their march just outside the city gates of Kabul. They continued to negotiate a “transfer […]

Civil War Has Erupted in America’s School Districts Over the Right to Think Freely…Mandate Is a Frightening Word

Call it a civil war if you must. American’s are pitted against each other in heated battles throughout this nation as tensions flare and tempers boil over. While some citizens are quick to fall in step with whatever the government asks of them, others prefer bucking a system they have little trust or faith in. […]

COVID Fatality Rates Hits New Lows Despite Media’s Hysteria Over Delta Variant

If the political left and their propaganda wing (aka mainstream media) are to be believed, we are more at risk of getting COVID-19 and dying from it than ever before – thanks to the newly realized “delta” variant of the virus. They keep saying it’s more contagious and more deadly than the first alpha variant. […]

Republican Governor Protecting Rights of People as Liberals Dance All Over Them

The insanity of the Democratic Party and their liberal judge base has reached new heights as they make it a point to overrule Republican governors. For months the CDC had kept the cruise industry closed down because of COVID. And now that things are getting back to normal, Ron DeSantis has had to fight to […]

DHS Warns of Increasing Threats from Trump Conspiracy but Can’t Provide Proof

Do you remember back in January when the political left was so worried about Trump’s supporters making a play to attack the capitol on the day, now-President Joe Biden was sworn into office? It was assumed that they wouldn’t let the supposedly legitimate president be inaugurated. It was assumed violence was about to break out, […]

Big Win for DeSantis as He Issues Executive Order

Ron DeSantis has made it clear that mask mandates are not going to be tolerated in Florida schools. Parents do not want their kids forced to wear masks because a few liberals are afraid to breathe in the fresh air. The governor wanted the decision to mask their kids left with individual homes. Families that […]

Watch Chicago Police Officers Turn on Lib Mayor

The Chicago Police Department suffered a devastating loss on Saturday night in the death of CPD office Ella French, 29. Officers are bracing for the possibility of another awful tragedy as they stand guard at the hospital where a second officer remains in critical condition after a routine traffic stop turned deadly. French and her […]

Another Extension on Student Loans May Be Financial Misstep by Biden

President Biden is supposed to make decisions based on fiscal responsibility. However, he keeps proving to the country that he is most definitely irresponsible. Since taking office in January, the president has made a number of financial missteps. He authorized another round of stimulus payments to people who were more than capable of gaining employment. […]

Ron DeSantis Responds to Biden’s Criticism of Florida COVID Handling has Conservatives Cheering

Gov. Ron DeSantis didn’t pull any punches when taking on President Joe Biden and his criticism of how Florida has dealt with the COVID-19 crisis according to a recent reporting The Independent Journal Review. The president and Florida governor have been engaged in a bit of tit for tat on the national stage, and it has […]

Can Sarah Palin Take Down Senator Murkowski?

There are a few things you should know about the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. The first is that it’s going to be an incredible ride, with tons of controversy thrown in due to new election laws popping up all over. Second, this election could very well bring in and at the same time end an […]

Sweden Never Shut Down or Masked Up – How Are They Doing?

With its seemingly constant neutrality and Nordic model of economics, Sweden has been a major talking point for the political left for years. It seems they constantly point to the northern European nation as a nation we should model ourselves after. Well, that is until lately. If there’s one thing about Sweden the left isn’t particularly […]

Gingrich Calls Pelosi “Greatest Threat to Constitutional Liberty”

Newt Gingrich was a 20-year member of Congress and a four-year Republican Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. He just made some pretty intense statements about his predecessor House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California). First, he compared her to other dictators and then said that she is “the greatest threat to constitutional liberty in our […]

Rudy Giuliani Declares “I Committed No Crime,” and He Says He is “More Than Willing to Go to Jail”

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City Mayor and lawyer for former President Donald Trump, pleaded that he “committed no crime.” And Giuliani also said that he is “more than willing to go to jail” if he is convicted in an NBC News New York interview Friday. A number of the former mayor’s electronics and […]

Biden’s Aggressive Insults to Unvaccinated Have Americans Up in Arms

President Joe Biden took vaccine encouragement to a whole new level during a recent press conference by insulting those who haven’t yet taken the newly minted COVID-19 deterrent. While both the Biden and Trump administrations formatted a plan to keep the worldwide pandemic under control, the Biden administration has made the kind of comments that […]

Biden Calls on Congress to Extend Eviction Moratorium

The Supreme Court made the decision that the moratorium on evictions was to expire at the end of July. But now, the White House is calling on Congress to extend it once again. Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote in his opinion that “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exceeded its existing statutory authority by issuing […]

Could Obama Have Stopped COVID-19? Signs Point to Yes

COVID-19 may have come out of Wuhan, China, but there are other parts of the world that were aware of what was going on in those labs. As early as 2015, researchers were playing around in what would become the coronavirus. Hmm, let’s see who the president was in 2015. Oh, that’s right – it […]

Tucker Carlson Proven Right – NSA Confirms

Fox News Tucker Carlson was vindicated just days ago when it was finally confirmed that what he had been saying about being spied on was actually true. The seemingly tall tale took on a life of its own days after he told his story on the air. Carlson came on air saying that he knew beyond […]

Let’s Focus on American History…and Schools That Don’t Risk Losing Federal Funding

We have to preserve American history based on what actually happened, not how the liberals wish that it happened. We cannot raise an entire generation to believe that our founding fathers were racist. The country is not inherently racist – and it’s why Critical Race Theory has to stay out of public schools. Senator Josh […]

DIY Abortion Assisting Schools to Face Defunding Once Legislation Is Approved

Republicans everywhere are uniting for the sole purpose of protecting life at all stages. Unborn children have been the targets of the Democratic Party for nearly 50 years. They have no problem forcing abortions upon mothers, unsure they want to move forward with the procedure. But that is where the conservatives come into the picture […]

Why Pelosi Banned Republicans from Serving on January 6 Committee

Nancy Pelosi shows her true nature as she moves to silence the conservative voice in the House of Representatives. The January 6 committee that she is trying to rig has been liberalized by removing two of Kevin McCarthy’s picks for the committee. Nancy Pelosi hates the Republicans. She purposely blocked two picks because she knew […]

Fed-Up Farmers Demand Biden Pay for Property Damage Done by Illegals

As the Washington Post has recently reported, illegal immigration at our nation’s southern border with Mexico isn’t getting any better. In March, border agents apprehended and detained a whopping 172,000 undocumented migrants, with the following month of April reporting very similar yet higher numbers. As the outlet reported, these are the highest numbers to be reported by […]

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