Children Left out in the Cold and Parents Want to Know Why

The public-school systems in Democratic-controlled regions are grossly lopsided. Many students are being favored over other students, and the parents are speaking out. There is a certain amount of money that is sent to schools based upon the number of students attending certain school districts. And what has been found is that sure students are falling behind at no fault of their own.

African American parents who live in Queens are speaking out regarding the kids left out in the cold. The school district in Queens’s spends a lot on kids. These parents are seeking answers and not getting what they need from the school district.

The parents want to know why the district is spending $28,000 per student and failing at turning out educated kids. The overall performance of the students is well in the failing category.

Parents have banded together and formed the Students Improvement Association. Their mission is to discover why the students are not making the grade and, even more important, why they are neglecting sure students.

One report showed that 6 percent of the student had passed the math tests monitored by the state. The report also noted that “At a rally outside DOE headquarters in Manhattan on Friday, attorney Courtney Smith, who is representing the group, said SIA is preparing legal challenges to the DOE’s stewardship of District 29.”

It is believed that the school district has placed poor administrators in places of leadership. And these leaders are actively failing students. It seems suspicious that so many students would fail in the same district, and all of them would have $28,000 spent on them during the school year.

The nation is suffering under the thumb of liberal school districts that are more concerned with money than they are with educating students. California school districts refuse to return to the classroom because they like the new setup where they get to stay home and earn the same amount of money.

The parents are threatening court action if things do not change. Courtney Smith is the lawyer that is representing the parents. She stated that “Based on the data at hand, it is my legal opinion that the DOE is in violation of Brown v. Board of Education.”

These school district leaders are also in danger of being voted out of their seats because they want to see leaders in place who care about them. And they are willing to vote for people that show that they care.

The current makeup of the school district in Queen’s seems off. There is a disconnect between the idea of funding schools and the money being used for that purpose.

Democrats love money, and they control the school boards around the country. The pandemic pushed kids to their homes for computer learning, but now that things are opening back up, there should be extra money to educate them. But what is being discovered is that troubled students are being forgotten.

One reported noted that in Louisiana alone, there are going to be fewer students attending public schools. But those schools are going to have $19 million more in funding than the year before. That is going to be true of all districts around the country.

The parents have every reason to be concerned. They want to know where the money is going and why these students are failing. There is no reason why schools cannot hire more tutors and teachers to provide more help for failing students.

Lorraine Gittens-Bridges is one parent in Queens searching for answers. She stated that “Any parent that has lived in the district knows we are suffering academically. We cannot wait any longer to act. Our children are depending on us.”

The issue is not a case of the parents pushing their duty to educate their kids onto another part. The real issue is that the money is being wasted, and parents want to know why. The Democrats are known to use money ignorantly and then hide their spending. But with these parents looking over the shoulder of the school district, the liberals will have a hard time getting away with their past deeds.