Chicago Dems Want to Ban History Classes If They Don’t Teach Their Distorted View of History

State Representative La Shawn Ford is looking to ban college classes in the state of Illinois and he is very concerned about the current curriculum. College history classes need to ban because “current school history teachings lead to white privilege and a racist society.” Representative Ford was not willing to stop there, either.

“I’m calling on the State Board of Education to end the teaching of history and the local school districts to take immediate action by removing the current history books and curriculum practices that unfairly communicate our history until a suitable alternative is developed. We should instead devote greater attention toward civics and ensure students understand our democratic process and how they can be involved. Today, I don’t know the party of individuals here, and I’m sure we have people from different parties, but today, this is an issue that brings us all together. And that is getting our history right,” he says.

He was not done there, though. “That flag. What is it called? The Confederate flag, wouldn’t really fly that flag because they wouldn’t understand the pain and hurt. And they would understand that they’re flying a flag and they appear to me to be flying a flag of something that loss, which makes them losers because they’re flying a losing flag. They could very easily fly an American flag and be winners. But yet they want to fly a flag that’s hurtful,” Ford continued.

There are some who are more logical in nature and they want to know how Representative Ford plans on paying for all of the new books that universities will need to print. Like all of the liberals, he’s got a smart response to that query that does not actually make sense when it is examined more closely.

“Well, the truth is we paid for books through all of these publishers. I think they owe us a refund. Who and where can you go and purchase something that’s not true and accurate and continue to pay for it and be satisfied? So I’m calling on our Attorney General, Kwame Raoul, to investigate. The textbook industry that sells books to Illinois so that we can begin the process of getting refunds from all the years that the school districts have spent money to buy inaccurate textbooks,” Ford says.

If you would like to find out more about Ford has had to say, the video will provide you with all of the necessary background. The liberals’ dedication here is admirable. They do not care if their ideas are feasible in any way. All they care about is saying things that sound woke for a wider audience that will be gullible enough to cast a vote for them.

This reminds us of the liberals’ attempts at depicting basic education as a form of racism a few years back. They seemed to give up on that one pretty quickly and it won’t be long before they are backpedaling on this, too. As soon as they are made aware of the costs that will be associated with printing up all new sets of textbooks, they are going to start acting like they never said these ridiculous things.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to uncover inherent biases in the educational system. Educators do not ever need to rest on their laurels in this regard. That does not mean that they should be told that they need to change their entire curriculum to suit the newly woke, though. If they give in once, it becomes a never ending cycle that we are all powerless to stop.

We always knew that the Democrats would eventually come for the educational system and their hatred for America is shining through. Their policy ideas are only getting more and more wacky. They are clearly setting themselves up for failure right now but they do not seem to have the ability to realize it.