Brooklyn: Woman Brutally Murdered by BLM Protester Because She Complained About Fireworks Thrown at Children

By the time June had ended, New York City was in the midst of the usual summer fireworks explosion that takes place once the fourth of July rolls around. Of course, the city was also in the midst of a violent crime wave, a wave that was being caused by the protesters and rioters. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams decided to warn people against calling the police in these instances.

He told them not to contact the police if they were disturbed by fireworks displays, so that they could avoid a “heavy-handed” response. They were urged to solve the issue with their neighbors before getting in touch with the authorities. Shatavia Walls is a 33-year-old home healthcare worker who decided to take this message to heart.

She went to visit some of her relatives in East New York on the fourth of July. When she saw some young men who were setting off fireworks in a playground where children were present, Walls viewed this as cause for concern. The young men were approached by Shatavia and guns were drawn. She was chased and shot at. Fortunately, the shooter missed and dropped his ID while he was running towards her.

Shatavia picked up the ID and one of the spent cartridges. The matter was reported to the police. It only took three days before she had another issue that needed to be settled. Men were spotted in the park firing off rockets and Walls confronted them. Things went left very quickly. We’re not sure how this is possible but this confrontation was even worse than the first.

She was shot dead in the streets. Walls was shot eight times inside of an East New York apartment complex, for the mere crime of asking the young men to consider the safety of children. Adams is the one who encouraged people to take on the street gangs by themselves and now an innocent woman is dead. The blood is on his hands.

Helen Testagros, Walls’ mother, confirmed that she had heard the advice on the news. The man who shot at her during the first encounter was not present for the second shooting but he came along quickly once he heard. He arrived, guns blazing, ready to do more damage. He unloaded the magazine into her lifeless body as she laid on the ground.

East New York is not exactly Candyland and it’s entirely possible that this scenario could have unfolded, police or no police. There are also some who will wonder if it was the best idea for this unarmed woman to confront these gang members on her own. However, none of this excuses what happened to her on this fateful day. This is the America that the liberals want, though.

They want to take away the police and force everyone to fend for themselves. You can’t simply “abolish” the nation’s police forces and expect good things to happen after that. Larger cities have major gang problems that cannot be taken care of overnight. Civilians cannot be encouraged to handle issues with their neighbors without police assistance. Tragedies like this one are completely avoidable.

The New York Police Department struggles to keep gangs in line, even under the best of circumstances. How can they be expected to assist citizens in a proper manner when they are being stripped of funding on a regular basis? The cities of America should not be caving in to the mobs that want our streets to remain free of police. This is not a desire that anyone should ever be giving in to.

Now, an innocent home healthcare worker is dead and no one seems to have a good answer as to why. The average citizen cannot handle the work that a police officer does on a daily basis, much like we wouldn’t expect a police officer to be able to handle the tasks that a home healthcare worker has to carry out.