Nebraska Mom & Daughter Show How NOT to Handle an Abortion

Abortions are legal in Nebraska – up until the 20th week. After that, they are illegal. Now, there are a few other rules, too. You have to get your abortion from a licensed practitioner. One mother and daughter in Nebraska decided that they were going to break all of the laws – and a few […]

North Carolina Schools Will Be Armed with AR-15 Rifles

A county in North Carolina is taking some action in hopes that what happened in Uvalde, Texas won’t happen in any of their schools. When the school year begins in Madison County, North Carolina, it will come with what is being called the county sheriff’s enhanced safety features. What are those features? AR-15 rifles.  The […]

Bernie Gets Democrats Riled Up Over New Proposal

The Democrats don’t see eye to eye on much these days. And most Democrats see Bernie Sanders for who he is – a Democratic Socialist who loves to stir the pot. That’s just what he did this past weekend on the Senate floor, too. Sanders offered up a proposed amendment that would restore the expanded […]

Mike Pence Blames Dems for High Gas Prices

It doesn’t take long to realize the strain of our current economy and higher-than-average gas prices. Unfortunately, for many in the U.S., that strain has forced them to make difficult decisions, such as buying gas and being able to get to and from work or buying groceries. And thanks to rising inflation and taxes, the […]

The US Sues Idaho for Abortion Ban

With the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court, states all across the United States are signing into law legislation that outlaws abortions in most cases. Naturally, the Democratic Party and most of the liberally led federal government are not too thrilled about this. However, for most states, there is little they […]

Welcome the Monkeypox Czar of the Biden Administration

Yes, you read that correctly. As if the world of politics in the United States can’t get even stranger, President Biden has officially named a monkeypox czar. And if you’re thinking that you’ve missed a few headlines and monkeypox is taking off, calm down. There have still only been a few dozen cases of monkeypox […]

The Pause on Student Loan Repayment is Ending Soon…Now What?

Anyone with student loans knows the deal. You were given the loan to go to school. Once you graduate (or stop taking classes), the money has to be paid back. Nothing in life comes free, especially higher education in the United States. While we may not like that student loans sit like an albatross on […]

Could AOC Replace Biden on 2024 Ballots?

We already know that Joe Biden would be a sorry excuse for a candidate for the 2024 presidential election. It doesn’t matter whether he has another term in him or not. After all, he shouldn’t have even been given the first term. It’s safe to say that most Americans would agree that we don’t need […]

Paul and Nancy Pelosi Feel the Walls Are Closing In

The Pelosis are getting ready to race the music. The Speaker of the House and her husband Paul “appear to have taken advantage of inside information” in connection to stock trades, according to a former Federal Reserve Bank president. Richard Fischer chaired the Federal Reserve of Dallas between 2005 and 2015. He said on CNBC’s […]

Congressional Support? Pssh, Biden Pledges to Go Around Manchin

Joe Biden has been so concerned about getting Joe Manchin’s approval on climate control legislation that he’s lost sight of how Congress works. Manchin is but one senator – and a Democratic one. The best way to get congressional support so that all of America is behind it is to ensure that it has bipartisan […]