Florida Fines Leon County Millions Because They Are Enforcing Illegal Vaccine Mandates

The state of Florida is backing up the passed laws prohibiting counties from enforcing Biden’s

‘F*** Joe Biden’ Chants Going International as Disgusted Protesters Gather at US Embassies

grandbrothers / Shutterstock.com
Americans have known for a while now that their frustration for President Joe Biden wasn’t

Liberal Mayor Wants To Destroy American Heritage but Residents Are Telling Him No

Kenneth Sponsler/shutterstock.com
American history is under attack by liberals seeking to change it to be whatever fits

Biden Has No Plan In Sight to Deal with High Prices at the Pump

Alexandru Nika/shutterstock.com
The country is hurting due to record-high gas prices, but the Biden Administration does not

It’s Official: Trump Haters Win Court Battle to Depose Former President in Unexpected Lawsuit

FootageArchives / Shutterstock.com
Despite his removal from office, the obsession with vengeance against the former president continues. And

Taiwan Fears China Could Control Them As Early as 2025…As Always, It’s Up to the U.S. To Stop Them

China has been playing a game of cat and mouse with Taiwan. They’re letting the

Tony Takes a Break As 1,400 Kellogg Employees Walk Off Their Jobs…Just Say No to Mexico

MDV Edwards / Shutterstock.com
Tony the Tiger is finally getting some long-overdue rest. Employees at Kellogg are saying how

High Profile Democrat ‘Breaking Up’ with DNC – Registers Independent

lev radin / Shutterstock.com
The Democratic Party has had no lack of public relations issues in recent years, and

Pro-Biden Left Wing Activists Continue to Harass Sen. Sinema

DCStockPhotography / Shutterstock.com
Pro-Biden and far-left activists came after Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) again during a flight on

Is there a Marriage Penalty Coming in from the Democrats?

Demiantseva Olha/shutterstock.com
The Democrats try to say that they are doing everything for the benefit of Americans.

If We Get a COVID Cure, Can We Finally Ditch the Masks?

Drazen Zigic/shutterstock.com
From the very beginning, we did as we were told. We wore masks. We socially

VP Harris Frustrated By Chaotic Appearance on The View Due to Covid-19 Fiasco

Vice President Kamala Harris’s office is apparently frustrated with some Hollywood elite. It centers on

Biden Admin Blocking Americans’ Entrance from Afghanistan Denying Flight Clearance to Land

The Biden administration has continued to work overtime to not assist Americans in leaving the

8 Ways Biden is Making the World More Dangerous…

Over the last few years, more than a few in our nation, mostly all from

Dems out of Control: Watch This High Profile Conservative Trigger Dems, Pushing them Over the Edge

Few have the ability to trigger a liberal like Marjorie Taylor Greene, but she may

Mexico Starts Invasion of Southern Border With Military Men

Joe Biden and his worthless border czar have failed to protect the American people from

Biden’s Lies Make It Hard to Understand His Policies

We might not agree with President Biden when it comes to his policies. However, at

No Wonder We Lost So Badly in Afghanistan! US Army Pushes 7 Tenets of Satanism in Vaccine Training Manual

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had an excellent PowerPoint presentation on Monday evening, a presentation

Pelosi Sends Capitol Police in Full Riot Gear to Meet Smattering of Protesters

You probably didn’t know it, but a protest was held at the Capitol this past

Biden’s Sneaky Deal with Australia Has France Rallying the EU Against the U.S.

It’s been said that a person’s word should mean everything. It’s a non-formalized agreement of

‘Cops’ is Making a Comeback…

Over the last year, it seems that the cancel culture of the political left has

GOP Demand That We Identify Who the Taliban Really Are

For anyone who remembers watching the Twin Towers fall on September 11, 2001, we also

GOP Rep Introduces Legislation to Limit Democratic Lies

Since, well, for as long as anyone can remember, there have been calls made for

Meet the New Taliban Operative Named Joe Biden

Joe Biden is secretly joining forces with America’s enemies. He has already shown sympathy towards

One City Soon to Be Without a Single Police Officer…

In small towns such as Kimberling City, Missouri, crime isn’t all that affluent, at least

The “Whiteness” of Statues are Now Up for Debate

What is the world coming to? Now, rather than accepting art as art, we’re going

Team Biden Falling into Chaos As His Staff Is Relieved Trump Immigration Laws Are Being Used

Joe Biden is slowly losing the support of his followers and blinded staff. What they

Liberal Activist Comes for Larry Elder and the Democratic Party is Utterly Silent

Remember when we, as a country, were at least respectful when there was a difference

Man’s Last Wishes Not Observed During Execution Now Supreme Court Involved

The right to life is a fundamental concept that Democrats want to extinguish. For those

A “Generic Republican” Is Better Than a Well-Known Dem According to Iowans

Democrats have the majority in the House and the Senate. They have had a chance

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