Thousands of Prisoners Are Now Dead Because of the DOJ

President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice continues to fail at doing its job. They are so focused on convicting innocent people of fake crimes that they have neglected everything else. A report picked up and reported on by Politico shows that in 2021 alone, there were over 1,000 deaths of inmates in prisons that the […]

Bill Gates is Called Out by Farmer for Buying Up Farmland

I doubt very seriously that you haven’t heard of Bill Gates. Even if you aren’t all that much into either the news or technology, it would be very difficult in this day and age not to know who the billionaire and tech genius is. I mean, this is the man who essentially invented Microsoft and […]

Justice Department Seizes 10 Million Fentanyl Pills

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, social media, or anything really over the last couple of years, you will know that the situation at our southern border with Mexico is a complete mess – so much so that they are calling it an immigration crisis. As of August, more than two million illegal […]

Credit Card Companies Face GOP Over Tracking Firearm Sales

You may have heard that the International Standards Organization (ISO) recently established a merchant code for firearms. This way, gun stores will have their own merchant code instead of having a miscellaneous one or being listed under hunting supplies. There’s a downside to the distinguishable merchant code, though. Anyone buying firearms with a credit card […]

US is Starting to Mimic Communist Nations with Liberal Abortion Stance

The Democratic Party has, at its core, the thrust to become like the communist nations that regulate their population through abortion. Communist laws dictate what type of children get to live and which ones must give their lives. And one of the favorite choices of abortion that plagues the unborn is abortive procedures that are […]

Pandemic Voting Is Back in the House and Even Though COVID Is Gone

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has revealed why she is not fit to continue to serve and conduct business in the lower chamber. The crazy woman decided it would be best for voting to take place by proxy instead of requiring members to be present to cast their vote. Proxy voting was a big […]

Whoopi Goldberg Finally Facing the Music Over Attacking Sen. Lindsey Graham

For years now, Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the crew on “The View” have been running off at the mouth and shoving their leftist ideals down the throats of people across the globe. No longer just featured to house moms on cable tv, these ladies have developed a solid platform that could be used […]

Putin Announced Mobilization And Flights Anywhere Are Suddenly Full

On September 21st, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech to his fellow statesmen about the conflict in Ukraine. He firmly announced that it was time for Russia to turn up the pressure and lean more heavily on Ukraine. To accomplish this, it would necessitate mobilizing the Russian reservists, as well as veterans who have […]

Texas Fair Starts Off With a Bang

Any fair in Texas, as you can imagine, is huge. And it can be chaotic as there are so many things going on at any point in time. Police officers and security guards are always present because you never know what could happen when the crowds get so large. The Tri-State Fair & Rodeo took […]

Homelessness in LA…Finally Getting Addressed?

There’s been a homelessness problem in Los Angeles for years. And it’s been getting worse over the past few years because of the COVID pandemic as well as inflation. Yet, it seems as though none of the liberal politicians have been equipped with what to do about it. Is that about to change? Congresswoman Karen […]