Arizona Governor Signs Bill Designed To Help Build Border Wall

Former President Donald Trump had done the unthinkable and was able to secure the southern border. He was able to get the flow of people reduced to a trickle and was even able to start building a wall that was able to keep illegals out of the country. And all along the way, the Democrats […]

SCOTUS Backs Pill Mill Doctors to the Horror of Millions

So far this year, the Supreme Court has found amazing ways to rile up the best and worst of many Americans. Their decision-making has been leaked out by someone within their offices when it came to Roe v Wade, and now they are making more decisions that are certain to change the course of American […]

AOC Blames Sexism in Congress for Why Politics are “Gross” Towards Women & LGBT+ People

AOC has the tendency to open her mouth and believe that she speaks for every woman. She believes that Congress has made moves that are “gross” toward women. And she believes that those same moves are “gross” toward LGBT+ people. What she doesn’t realize or want to believe is that some people, both men and […]

Facebook’s Banning Anyone Talking About Abortion Pills

Facebook isn’t always known to be the most partisan when it comes to who they’ll ban. They allow misinformation to spread like wildfire as long as it serves the progressive agenda. With Roe v Wade being overturned, many people have taken to Facebook to share their opinions. They use keywords like “poutine” instead of abortion […]

Biden’s Grumpiness Affects the Entire Country

We’ve seen all that Biden has done…and not done for our country. It’s made us grumpy. Every time we have to pay more for our groceries or at the gas pump, we’re grumpy. When we balance our checkbooks and realize that we don’t have enough money in our account, we become even grumpier. It turns […]

Tesla Dodges Massive Lawsuit but Another Trial Awaits

The Democratic Party has flooded the culture with the notion that racism is alive and well in America. They continue to tell younger generations that the color of one’s skin will keep them from achieving greatness and realizing the American Dream. And every time something does not go their way, they immediately cry racism and […]

Biden Continues to Blame Vladimir Putin for His Oil Price Crisis

Joe Biden loves to blame people for his mistakes and bad judgment calls. The gas prices in America continue to soar at record levels. The president has blamed just about everyone but himself. At one point, he tried to blame Donald Trump for the high prices, and he blamed another federal agency for failure to […]

Who is Running Our Country? Notecards Leave Us Wondering

We have to wonder who is running our country. It’s supposed to be an elected official because that’s the way our democracy works. Technically, it should be President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. However, we’ve been left to wonder who is pulling the strings on Biden since he looks terribly lost every time […]

Biden’s Gas Vacation Tax Won’t Benefit Consumers…Here It Is in Dollars and No Sense

As Americans are sticking more of their paychecks into thirsty gas tanks, all eyes are focused on Joe Biden…who’s blaming everyone but himself. In response to the outrage, Biden came up with a plan that gives cause to the naked-eyed consumer to pop some bubbly, but in remaining true to form, his plan is smoke, […]

Criminals in Chicago No Longer Have to Worry About Foot Chases from Police

Every time we turn around, Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago is making it easier for criminals and harder for the police. It’s almost as if the liberal mayor wants to let criminals run free. Who wants to provide a safe city for tourists, anyway? Obviously, she’s not interested. Over a year ago, two foot pursuits resulted in […]