The Twitter Exodus Has Begun, 1,000,000 Conservatives Sign Up for New Social Media App

Twitter is, by enlarge, is the most widely used social media platform in the world. In the years since its inception, it has quickly passed up others such as Facebook and Instagram. But if it continues on the path of censorship it is currently on, it won’t be long before it is left to the wayside and surpassed by another.

Introducing Parler.

For those of you that haven’t heard of it, Parler is an alternative to Twitter that was born in 2018. But unlike the social media giant, Parler isn’t biased about much of anything and, therefore, doesn’t seek to censor its users’ speech or opinions.

The company’s co-founder and CEO John Matze Jr. told Fox Business on Monday, “Our main focus is free speech – the idea that there’s no political censorship.” He added, “It’s a town square for people to get together and have conversations whether it’s about politics, about their hobbies or whatever it might be but without the idea that there’s somebody looking over your shoulder saying, ‘Is that a politically correct view or not? Is that one you’re supposed to have?’”

And apparently, that is appealing to a lot of Americans currently.

According to Matze, in the last week, the newer social media site has gained a whopping one million new users, pretty much doubling the total number of site users. And those numbers are only expected to grow, thanks to Twitter and its recent crackdown on conservatives for basically just saying things they don’t like.

Matze said that of the newly added users, most are conservatives seeking refuge from the hostility of Twitter. However, a few from the progressive left and Black Lives Matter have also recently joined “to argue with the conservatives who are joining.” He added, “So it seems that it’s kind of a big movement.”

Among those who have recently joined are high profile names like Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, and Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. Eric Trump and his wife are also on the list recently added users, according to Forbes.

And while many still have accounts on Twitter and other platforms, most are using them solely to get their followers to switch over to Parler.  Gaetz recently posted, “I’m on @parler_app. Follow me now! @RepMattGaetz.”

He added, “Technology companies shouldn’t be able to put their thumb on the scale and reshape speech in our country. Features of the technology should apply equally to people regardless of viewpoint.”

And he isn’t wrong.

Many like Gaetz have taken note that platforms like Twitter, Twitch, and even Reddit have been censoring, suspending, and even banning conservative viewpoints for some time now. In contrast, similar words said by the left are allowed to proliferate like crazy.

For example, when The National Pulse editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam posted a video of three white men being stabbed by black protesters in England, Kassam was blocked. Twitter claims the portraying an individual’s death is against their standards. However, the “portrayal” of George Floyd’s death still litters the platform without censorship.

As the editor told the press, “For some reason, the Floyd death remains up on Twitter but the deaths of three white men at the hands of a Libyan asylum seeker must come down? People can draw their own conclusions.”

Similarly, President Trump was flagged for retweeting a video by Logan Cook, known as Carpe Donktum on Twitter, that criticized CNN for having a bias in using a “racist” video of toddlers. And Cook himself was permanently banned.

Of course, the media giant claims that Cook had infringed upon copyright laws several times for using parody videos. However, I find it odd that thousands of other parodies are still allowed to exist on their platform without consequence. Not to mention, parodies are largely protected under free speech laws from copyright protection.

No wonder people are flocking to Parler by the thousands. Americans should be allowed to use their freedom of speech without the fear of consequences just because someone doesn’t like their point of view.

As Matze says of his company, “We don’t really care politically what people think; we just want people to have a discussion in a cordial, friendly manner like you’d have on a town square and that’s it – share information and communicate with one another. We don’t care about your political views, we encourage people to debate.”

What a nice change!

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