CNN Can’t Even Spin Biden’s Economy

Alexandros Michailidis/
CNN can no longer try to put a spin on sky-rocketing inflation to make this Democratic administration look even somewhat productive. Rahel Solomon, a CNN Business correspondent put it bluntly this week on the network saying that American life is “being shaped by the really high inflation,” which topped 8.6% in May. “Well, I think […]

The Tale of the Body Brokers
Every now and then, you hear a chilling tale that tells you just how far the nation has slipped. Criminal activity isn’t prosecuted nearly as frequently as it should. It allows other criminals to create unthinkable scams with the assumption that they’ll get away with it. Crime deterrents are clearly not a focus for the […]

US Capitol Hosts Last WWII MOH Recipient as He Lies in Honor

Randy Yarbrough/
Unlike any other topic that has become political, the death of a servicemember can bring together people from both sides of the aisle. When this death is the last surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipient Hershel W. “Woody” Williams, it garners the attention of every politician in Washington. With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi […]

Even the Dems Are Disappointed in Biden for Sucking Up to the Saudis

Every day since he was sworn in, President Biden has been trying to find ways to win the love and support of the far left. As if it’s a contest for homecoming queen, he has pushed every tiny agenda he can think of, flip-flopped his stance on hot-button topics, and been a general nuisance for […]

Cost of Democrats Betrayal Hits Millions as Truth Comes Out regarding the True Cost of Their Actions

Alejandro Mayorkas is the criminal mastermind overseeing the southern border. He is Joe Biden’s Homeland Security chief and could not care about keeping the country safe from foreign invaders. The man thinks that the border issues directly result from Donald Trump’s failed policies. And he is not afraid to share his pointless opinion of a […]

Summer Plans? Omicron Subvariant Says Not So Fast…

The Democrats have had to give up a lot of control since the pandemic waned. All of a sudden, people are able to go wherever they please – and without a mask. Even the most liberal of cities and states have lifted mask mandates and social distancing rules so that people can have their American […]

US Air Force’s War Capability Tumbles to 70%… 50-Year-Old Planes Can’t Win a War

For the past four years, the Air Force has made a concerted effort to fill every stall in its corral with war-ready aircraft. The goal is to be able to react in record time and at full strength should the signal be sounded. But things haven’t been going so well. In the fiscal year 2021, […]

Where’s Liz Cheney? Not Listening to her Constituents, That’s Where

As you likely know, Wyoming Republican House Representative Liz Cheney isn’t exactly on the best of terms with her party and hasn’t been for a while. You’d think that would mean she’d be cozying up to party leaders and her constituents alike, hoping that they’ll show some grace and let her keep her seat come […]

Minnie Mouse is Getting a Makeover…to Look Like Hillary Clinton

Remember Minnie Mouse with her cute, polka dot skirt and her bright yellow heels? She’s been a Disney icon for years. Every child who has ever visited a Disney theme park can remember when Minnie waved to them – and what she was wearing. Apparently, Minnie is getting a makeover. No one can leave tradition […]

Supreme Court Denied Trump’s Document Suppression Request

Joseph Sohm/
Since Donald Trump was elected President back in 2016 people have been clamoring for his head. They have taken every possible action and route to try and undermine his Presidency and his past. When he left office in early 2021, the deeper attacks on his character and his time in the office got ramped up […]