Kari Lake Digs in for Long Legal Fight Over Another Stolen Arizona Election

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lev radin / shutterstock.comNow that the 2022 midterm election for Governor of Arizona has been called for Democrat Katie Hobbs, there’s no longer any doubt as to who the most popular politician in that state is. She garnered more votes than any other person running for any other office in Arizona. Congratulations are definitely in order for her. […]

What It Takes to Golf Like Trump

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Stuart Miles / shutterstock.comIt’s hard to talk about Donald Trump without talking about his love for golf. And the Democrats used to love pointing out how much time he would spend golfing throughout his time in office. Suddenly, the few hours here and there on a golf course seem like nothing in comparison to the vacation time that […]

Inflation Will Be the Grinch of 2022

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AveCamera / shutterstock.comWith Christmas 2022 just around the corner, many are left wondering how they will afford to give their families a great Christmas. One of the greatest indicators for the holiday season is the National Retail Federation (NRF) forecast. The report showed a growth of 6% to 8% in U.S. holiday sales for 2022, with estimates […]

PA Gov. Elect Arrests Democratic Consultant for Tremendous Ballot Fraud

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No-Mad / shutterstock.comDemocrat and Pennsylvania Governor-elect Josh Shapiro is already stepping up for democracy in Pennsylvania. He’s going after a former campaign consultant on November 16th with allegations of widespread voter fraud. Philadelphia political consultant Rasheen Crews found himself getting a new set of steel bracelets and charged with forging signatures on nomination petitions so he could […]

Could a Lack of Firearms Safety Be Causing High Military Suicides?

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PRESSLAB / shutterstock.comMilitary suicides continue to be a problem year after year. While the military provides counseling, it often isn’t enough – especially when many veterans suffer from anxiety, depression, and PTSD. New studies show that there could be a lack of firearms safety training that is leading to the high suicide rates. Wait, don’t veterans have […]

San Francisco’s Mayor Offers Free Money to Illegal Transexuals

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Sabrina Bracher / shutterstock.comTransexuals continue to garner significant concern from Democratic politicians even though they only represent a small sliver of the population. Here’s a prime example, San Francisco Democratic Mayor London Breed is watching her city face a 7.4% increase in violent crimes and the city is seeing massive homelessness. So what is the mayor focused on? […]

Why Are There Crickets in the Media When History Has Been Made in Arkansas?

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Michael Candelori/Shutterstock.comIt is interesting what has gotten the headlines from this recent midterm election. After a week of trying to digest all of the details nationwide, after waiting with great patience for ballots to be counted, we have focused on establishing blame for the outcome that surprised most of us. Some believe it’s Trump’s fault, others […]

Olympic Athlete Barely Functional & in Constant Pain After COVID Shot

Likoper/Shutterstock.comFormer Olympian-turned-actress Genevieve Florence was injured by the COVID shot. Like millions of Americans and Europeans, Florence was coerced into getting the shot. She was forced to choose between injecting an experimental mRNA medicine in her body or having her career destroyed. And from the moment of her first Pfizer injection, Florence has regretted the […]

Tired of Seeing Homosexual Romance Movies? Former Hallmark Channel Actress Identifies a More Wholesome Network

DFree/Shutterstock.comHave you noticed that the wholesome romance movies you love to watch are now not quite as wholesome? In the past, it was limited to the gay best friend or roommate. However, now they are becoming the love interest. Whether you’re tuning into holiday romance movies on Netflix or an everyday romance on the Hallmark […]

The Rise in Divorce Isn’t Marriage Problems, It’s About Doing What’s Right for Themselves

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Daniel Jedzura/Shutterstock.comMany people see divorce as a sign that things must have been horrible in that marriage for a long time. From failed promises to cheating to mismanaging money, people who divorce usually have a laundry list of problems they tried to work through in the eyes of outsiders. With the 25-39 age range making up […]