Sidney Powell Releases Powerful Statement About Her Battle For Trump Election Legal Efforts; Says “It Will Be Epic”

(Tea Party 247) – Attorney Sidney Powell, who is currently representing Gen. Michael Flynn, who was set up by the deep state to try and take down President Trump toward the beginning of his first term in office, released a statement concerning her status with the Trump campaign’s legal efforts on Monday morning. According to […]

We Can’t Even Trust What The WHO Says About A COVID-19 Outbreak At Their Own Headquarters

(Tea Party 247) – How much do you trust the World Health Organization? Would you trust them enough to believe what they say about how their own facilities are handling a recent outbreak of the coronavirus? Would you trust them knowing that they carried water for the Chinese Communist Party and apparently can’t even contain […]

Governor Cuomo Teases Even Crazier “Red Zone” Restrictions In NYC — This Is Full Tyranny

(Tea Party 247) – On Sunday, New York’s lockdown-happy Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has yet to answer for the tens of thousands of nursing home deaths in his state after an executive order which forced facilities to re-admit COVID-positive patients, announced he’s not even halfway done shutting down life in the Empire State. Now, areas […]

Trump Attorney Sidney Powell Promises “Biblical” Bombshell On Georgia Election Results

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump’s spitfire legal team has not stopped hurling the punches at what they continue to claim has been a stolen election. While the mainstream media insists there’s no validity to what they’re saying, only time will tell as they’re promising a major shake-up in the coming weeks. Sidney Powell, who […]

Hillary Clinton Bashes Trump For Refusing To Concede To Biden… Is She Forgetting Something?

(Tea Party 247) – Hillary Clinton has failed not once, but twice, to become President of the United States. In 2016, she seemed certain she was going to win it—and so did the Democratic establishment. It wasn’t to be so—and not for lack of trying. Heck, she thought up the Russiagate scheme which would be […]

Netanyahu Puts Biden On Notice: Warns They Will Not Be Putting Up With His Tricks

(Tea Party 247) – While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has formally congratulated “president-elect” Joe Biden despite ongoing legal challenges to the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, he’s definitely not ready to let Biden think he’s running the show. The American Democratic Party has been increasingly adversarial to the interest of our important Middle Eastern […]

Unhinged Atlanta Mayor Makes Sick Comments About President Trump And His Kids — WTH?

(Tea Party 247) – Liberals are truly insane. They just don’t have any ground to stand on, literally ever, so they are forced to sling insults and use emotional rhetoric. President Trump is fighting hard for the freedoms of Americans and the integrity of our elections. These are causes the left has no interest in […]

Creepy: John Kerry Makes Disturbing Comments On Biden Presidency And The “Great Reset”

(Tea Party 247) – The coronavirus pandemic has been the perfect opportunity for globalists to move the world towards the New World Order and a one-world government. This is bad news for freedom-loving Americans. The prospect of a Joe Biden presidency has globalists like John Kerry chomping at the bit. He and European Commission President […]

Affidavit From Prominent Mathematician Blows Reported PA Election Results Right Out Of The Water

(Tea Party 247) – The election is far from over and President Trump continues to gain ground in battleground state Pennsylvania where it is clear massive fraud and corruption have taken place. Trey Trainor, the Federal Elections Commission Chairman, says that there is new analysis by Yale and Princeton trained math expert Professor Steven Miller […]

Fiery Giuliani Unleashes His Full Fury On Media For Not Reporting Evidence Of Voter Fraud

(Tea Party 247) – If there’s one thing that has become abundantly clear over the course of President Trump’s first term, it’s that the mainstream media is an eager lapdog that desires to please its masters by producing non-stop propaganda to prop up the Democratic Party’s agenda. Just look at how much airtime major networks […]

TX Gov. Greg Abbott Makes Statement That Will Restore Your Faith In Liberty

(Tea Party 247) – America is experiencing another major spike in coronavirus cases, which has many governors around the country — mostly Democrats — pondering whether or not to go forward with another lockdown. This, of course, would be devastating for local businesses. Many companies, restaurants, bars, and other businesses have yet to recover fully […]

Trump’s Lawyers Go Completely Savage At Press Conference Outlining Path To Victory

(Tea Party 247) – On Thursday, President Trump’s legal team, which includes powerhouses like Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, held a press conference in the heart of the Swamp, Washington D.C., where they laid out the evidence that backs up claims of systematic voter fraud and outlined a possible path of victory for the president. […]

New Photo Of Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis With Rudy Giuliani And Gen. Flynn Has The Internet Buzzing; Here’s Why

(Tea Party 247) – President Donald Trump’s attorney, Jenna Ellis, posted up a late night photograph featuring herself, Gen. Michael Flynn, a former national security advisers, and personal Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani on social media that has the entire internet abuzz, wondering what is with the smiles plastered on everyone’s faces. After all, at the […]

Busted: Photos Reveal California Governor Gavin Newsom Flouting COVID Rules… Again

(Tea Party 247) – California’s Emperor Gavin Newsom was photographed dining out at French Laundry, a luxury restaurant in Napa, California with a large group of people for a reported birthday celebration. Newsom says you’re not allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and family but he is of the ruling class. The rules only […]

Cambridge Virologist Reveals Truth About Lockdowns And Masks; Liberals Aren’t Going To Like This

(Tea Party 247) – A Cambridge University-trained virologist with a list of credentials two miles long — figuratively speaking of course — recently gave a talk in a public forum where he made it clear he was not in support of any extension of mask mandates in one of the largest cities in Canada, calling […]

What Biden Implies Harris Is Doing For Him In New Video Should Get Them Both Tossed In Jail

(Tea Party 247) – Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden recently held a press conference on Monday, in which he said that although he’s not currently receiving any sort of intelligence briefings because, well, he’s not the actual president, it seems his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris is using her seat […]

Mitch McConnell Totally Shreds Idea About ‘Premature’ Exit From Afghanistan

(Tea Party 247) – According to a report from Newswars, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell believes that a premature exit of the United States military from the country of Afghanistan could be disastrous, in a statement he released on Monday. Early on Monday, media outlets reported that the Department of Defense was eagerly anticipating some […]

Man Behind “The Great Reset” Wants To Scan Our What So We’ll Be Allowed To Travel?! This Is Bizarre And Terrifying

(Tea Party 247) – The man behind the so-called “Great Reset,” Klaus Schwab,” is no stranger to draconian ideas, but this one really takes the cake. Newswars reports that Schwab, as part of the broader “4th Industrial Revolution” plan, has suggested risk-assessment brain scans before allowing individuals to cross international borders as well as implantable […]

Here We Go: The Joe Biden Transition Team And Cabinet Picks Linked To Michael Flynn Frame-Up

(Tea Party 247) – If you’re familiar with the story of General Mike Flynn then you know that former President Barack Obama was willing to do whatever it took to hide the corruption going on under his administration. Benghazi, for example, was an illegal arms-running operation and Obama’s deals with Iran led to the rise […]

Did Media Suppression Of Hunter Biden Story Drive Biden’s 2020 Success?

(Tea Party 247) – Remember just weeks ahead of the November 3rd election, when the New York Post published what should have been a massive October surprise but barely even made an appearance in the majority of legacy media outlets? It was the now-notorious Hunter Biden laptop story, which, had our nation an honest and […]

Why The French President Is Calling Out The Irresponsible U.S. Media As Fake News Reaches Fever Pitch

(Tea Party 247) – France’s President Emmanuel Macron has scathingly accused the U.S. media of “bias” for what he says is “legitimizing” Islamic violence and, for all his leftist tendencies, it’s impossible to argue with that assessment of the American mainstream media complex. Macron made these comments while speaking with a New York Times columnist, […]

Georgia’s Secretary Of State Explodes On Doug Collins After Claims Of Voter Fraud

(Tea Party 247) – This year’s election cycle has been one for the history books, and that’s not meant to be taken in a good way. It’s very reminiscent of the hoopla that took place back in the early 2000s when George W. Bush was going head-to-head with then Vice President Al Gore for the […]

What Trump Allies Are Considering Doing Should Have Fox News Very, Very Worried

(Tea Party 247) – The vast majority of the mainstream media in this country leans far, far to the left, which means that individuals who are watching these channels and getting their news from networks like CNN, MSNBC, CBS News, ABC News, and others, are being totally brainwashed by leftist propaganda. Many regular, middle-of-the-road Americans […]

Latest Anti-Trump Twitter Rant By Unhinged Alec Baldwin Stoops To New Lows

(Tea Party 247) – It’s almost comical that those on the left have the nerve and audacity to blame President Trump for the violence committed by radical leftists. Trump has never called for violence against political opposition but the same cannot be said of leftists. This is especially true for unhinged liberal celebrities who think […]

Rep. Louie Gohmert Reveals Stunning Evidence Of “Vote Switching,” Foreign Interference

(Tea Party 247) – Remember when President Donald Trump was sworn into office and the left tried to convince us, for three years, that this was due to “election meddling” from Russia? They never could produce any evidence, of course. The Deep State intelligence apparatus, who had been spying on the Trump campaign and then […]

Bombshell: Tax Filings Show Biden’s Cancer Charity Has Some Very Suspicious Spending Habits

(Tea Party 247) – While the New York Post was censored by Big Tech for their bombshell report on emails, photos, and videos seeming to belong to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, just weeks ahead of the 2020 election, they appear to have been undeterred in their commitment to report the truth. You likely won’t […]

Must-Read: Bill O’Reilly Has Stunning Prediction For The Future Of Cable News Post-Trump

(Tea Party 247) – Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is a staple of conservative commentary. And, as the mainstream media has gotten more hysterically far-left—and irresponsible in their reporting of the news—he predicts it may have a grim future ahead of it when President Donald Trump leaves office. O’Reilly predicted a “collapse” of cable […]

President Trump Promises No Lockdown, Totally Lambasts Leftist Liars

(Tea Party 247) – Despite the lies perpetuated by the left-wing propaganda outlets, President Trump has done an excellent job in responding to and handling the coronavirus “pandemic” in the US. They claim he didn’t act quickly and even tried to downplay and brush off the virus. The truth is, he did everything right but […]

Here’s What Crooked Susan Rice Thinks About Biden Appointing Hillary Clinton To This Position

(Tea Party 247) – On Thursday, the leftist publication The Washington Post reported that their sources informed them that presidential nominee Joe Biden is considering appointing one of the world’s most corrupt individuals in the world to his administration. The report claimed that disgraced former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is among the people being […]

COVID Cases Are On The Rise But Could It Be A Hoax? Check Out This Tweet From Elon Musk

(Tea Party 247) – COVID cases are on the rise again … or are they? Are people actually falling ill with COVID-19 at a rapid pace or are the tests being used to diagnose people just really, really unreliable and misleading? You be the judge. Tesla CEO and tech billionaire Elon Musk has ruffled left-wing […]

Flashback: President Trump Issued This Ominous Warning About Corrupt Philly During First Debate

(Tea Party 247) – The 2020 presidential election has been completely marred by fraud and corruption and President Trump knew it was coming. The Democrats have been trying to bring President Trump down ever since he won the election in 2016 and they weren’t about to sit by and let him breeze to victory again. […]

Ticketmaster Floats Creepy Idea To Keep Events COVID-Free In 2021

(Tea Party 247) – So it begins. Ticketmaster has announced plans to utilize smartphone apps to track the COVID-19 status of event-goers. The top event website will be checking to see whether or not individuals looking to attend shows and concerts have either tested negative for the virus or received the vaccine. According to a […]

Florida Governor Takes Firm Stance Against Riots And Looting With This Bold Proposal

(Tea Party 247) – This year has been marred by violent riots and looting in liberal-run cities across the country. While some governors have shown that their priorities are hating and opposing President Trump at all costs, others are showing that law and order still very much matter. Oregon Governor Kate Brown was more interested […]

Joe Biden COVID-19 Adviser Recommends Exactly What The Majority Of Americans Fear Most

(Tea Party 247) – While campaigning Joe Biden notoriously stated that if he were president he would “shut it down,” meaning the US economy, should “experts” advise him to do so in order to end the coronavirus pandemic. Now that he has been declared by the media to be the winner of the 2020 election, […]

BLM: “Black People Won This Election” And Now They’re Demanding What’s Owed To Them…

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden is a puppet. The reason he waffles on so many issues like fracking, fossil fuels, and health care is because he is trying to please all of his puppet-masters at once. We all know he is beholden to the radical left but the radical left includes numerous factions that […]

Here We Go: British Government Considers Orwellian Plan To Identify COVID-19 Positive Citizens

(Tea Party 247) – If you have, at any point, thought that the coronavirus will eventually be a thing of the past that we can all have a look back and laugh about, you need to think again. If you are a Christian who’s familiar with the Bible, you know the mark of the beast […]

Breaking: Photographic Proof Of Philly Election Interference Tweeted By Trump’s Election Operations Director

(Tea Party 247) – Voter fraud is a real problem in the United States. This is a fact we’ve all known about for a long time, especially due to the fact that in many elections previous to the one we just had there have been instances featuring illegal immigrants being allowed to cast a vote, […]

Alert: New Election Night Data Analysis Proves Democrats Stole Election; Here’s How They Did it

(Tea Party 247) – There’s a lot of funny business that’s been going on concerning the 2020 presidential election, a truth that has become more and more clear as time progresses. Tons of reports of individuals being blocked from polling stations where they were legally supposed to be allowed to watch and keep an eye […]

Conservative News Network Newsmax Just Handed Fox Business Network Some Bad News

(Tea Party 247) – Fox News has always had a reputation for being a “right-of-center” news network, a voice of reason amid the extremely biased left-wing news outlet monopoly that liberals tend to have with major companies like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and on the list goes. With Fox, conservatives felt they at least had […]

“It’s Time For Us To Fight” This Legendary Attorney Joins President Trump’s Election Battle

(Tea Party 247) – Our rights are literally under attack like never before by the rabid left. President Trump warned us for months that they were going to try to steal the election and while they denied the very possibility of it, they were simultaneously setting the whole thing up. The mail-in voting push was […]

Joe Biden Unveils His New Plans As President And They’ll Make You Want To Fight For A Fair Election Even Harder

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden is an expert at ignoring controversy. While campaigning he outright ignored the evidence piling up against him and his son Hunter Biden and now he seems to be completely ignoring the fact that millions of Americans don’t believe he actually won the election legitimately. He’s just ignoring the allegations […]

Is Fox News Finished? You Won’t Believe Their Numbers After Shocking Election Coverage

(Tea Party 247) – Based on how they covered the election, it appears that Fox News is deliberately trying to repel its own base, and leaked audio of this top anchor mocking Trump supporters certainly isn’t going to help. The ratings for the once “fair and balanced” network have plummeted over the past week as […]

What Are The Odds That Nearly All Voter “Irregularities” In PA Favored Biden?

(Tea Party 247) – If you’ve heard any of the many reported “irregularities” across several key battleground states, you’ve likely noticed an eerie similarity with all of them. Whatever the “irregularity” may be, they all seem to favor one candidate. And it’s not President Donald Trump. National Pulse reports that an analysis of votes cast […]

Where’s Bill Barr? Here Are The Dozens Of House Republicans Who Want To Know

(Tea Party 247) – Over three dozen GOP members of the House of Representatives have written an open letter to Attorney General William Barr demanding that he ensure the integrity of our election process as protected as multiple proverbial fires have broken out across the nation in the wake of last week’s general election. The […]

Investigators In Georgia Dispatched After Ballot “Issue” Discovered In County That Helped Give Biden His Lead In The State

(Tea Party 247) – Don’t let anyone tell you this election is decided because it is far from being so. The Trump campaign and GOP have been launching a series of lawsuits across the nation which call into question the media’s projection that Joe Biden beat out Donald Trump on Tuesday, November 3rd. If anything, […]

Just In: Administrative Changes In Wisconsin Call Into Question Biden’s 20K Vote Lead

(Tea Party 247) – According to the Constitution of the United States, the outcome of an election is not determined by the free press but by a free people. So to all the outlets claiming that former Vice President Joe Biden is the president-elect of the 2020 election, you can just hold your horses until […]

Must-Read: The Hilarious Reason AOC Says She Might Leave Politics One Day

(Tea Party 247) – Well, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has emerged from her first re-election campaign unseated as the queen of the far-left, Marxist “Squad,” but she’s whining once again about the existence of members of her party who don’t quite buy into her radical, pie-in-the-sky fascistic idealism. Poor her. In an interview with the […]

What The Globalist EU Thinks About Biden’s “Victory” Will Remind You Why You Voted For Trump

(Tea Party 247) – Well, the establishment mainstream media complex has declared Joe Biden to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election (they’re just hoping that you haven’t noticed the Trump campaign has filed several lawsuits and is calling for recounts in a number of key electoral college states—shhhh). The leftist European Union couldn’t […]

Sick: Deranged Leftists Make No Secret About Compiling “Lists” Of Trump Supporters

(Tea Party 247) – Radical leftists are sick. They are truly deranged people. They have claimed to be “anti-fascists” while using every tool at their disposal to silence their opposition. This has, over the course of the last 4 years, included Big Tech, Big Finance, and the crooked media. They claim to be all about […]

Breaking: President Trump Calls Out “Obvious” Democratic Election Corruption

(Tea Party 247) – America has been on the edge of our collective seats since Election Day. The entire week has come and now gone and we don’t seem to be any closer to finding out who won the election. Things definitely don’t seem to be adding up and reports of fraud and election tampering […]

Lawsuit: Top Anti-Trump PA Election Official “Fundamentally Changed” Election Process

(Tea Party 247) – One of the biggest complaints from GOP members in Pennsylvania has been the handling of election rules as determined by the Democratic Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar (pictured above). GOP members in the state have been calling for her resignation but her actions may have single-handedly jeopardized the entire election in […]

Dems Use CIA Technology To Rig The Election

(Tea Party 247) – If you’ve been watching the news this week, and chances are you’ve been glued to it just like all the rest of us, then you’ve no doubt become painfully aware of the fact that we are watching the death of our republic happen in real time, as the Democratic Party works […]

Alleged Irregularities In Nevada And Pennsylvania Seriously Jeopardize The Entire Election Process

(Tea Party 247) – Voting irregularities are popping up in states still in play left and right, most notably in Nevada and Pennsylvania. In Nevada, as many as 6,000 illegal votes have been discovered by firms hired by the Trump campaign cast on behalf of individuals who are not legal residents of Clark County. Meanwhile […]

Pollster John McLaughlin Confirms What We’ve Known About Polling All Along

(Tea Party 247) – The deranged left has been out to take down President Trump since he was elected in 2016. Now, the 2020 presidential election has proven to be quite the debacle, just as President Trump said it would be. Despite whatever character flaws the left has issue with, President Trump has been one […]

“Let Us In!” Michigan Democrats Literally Hide From GOP While Counting Ballots

(Tea Party 247) – The fix is in folks and those working polling stations in crucial states are all but proving that. Democrats in Pennsylvania are blocking GOP ballot watchers and even refusing to adhere to a ruling by a judge that ordered they be permitted to watch. In Michigan election officials literally covered up […]

Colorado Becomes Latest State To Join This Popular Democrat Vote Scheme

(Tea Party 247) – Unless you live in one of the states that are participants of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, you likely haven’t even heard of it. After Hillary Clinton lost to President Trump in 2016 but won the popular vote, Democrats absolutely lost their minds and determined to do away with the […]

Shady Detroit Absentee Counting Center Stops Partisan Observers From Monitoring Process

(Tea Party 247) – Video is emerging from the city of Detroit, Michigan that shows the absentee ballot counting center covering up windows with boards to prevent partisan observers from being able to oversee the vote counting process. That’s not shady or anything, right? I mean, it’s not like Democrats are doing everything in their […]

Breaking: Black Conservative, Multiple Members Of Proud Boys Viciously Stabbed In DC

(Tea Party 247) – One of the big concerns about this election cycle has been that of violence erupting in the streets. This is a reasonable fear, given how all year long we’ve witnessed radical leftists lose their minds and burn down whole neighborhoods and businesses, stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down, all in the […]

Fox News Hosts Were Furious With Network Calling This State For Joe Biden On Election Night

(Tea Party 247) – Fox News senior political correspondent, Brit Hume, along with prime-time network sensation, Tucker Carlson, were both very frustrated and surprised that their home network had made a very premature victory call for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the state of Arizona, while being very hesitant to pull the trigger on […]

Portland’s Do-Nothing Mayor, Ted Wheeler, Just Barely Ekes Out Victory Over Antifa Challenger

(Tea Party 247) – There’s no doubt in the minds of many conservatives, the current author included, that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is one of the weakest leaders in the entire country right now. Look how long he’s allowed rioting, looting, and other random acts of violence to obliterate the peace of his constituents, doing […]

#StopTheSteal: Chaos Erupts In Pennsylvania Polling Places As Trump Poll Watchers Blocked And Democrat Literature Passed Out

(Tea Party 247) – Pennsylvania has quickly become the most-watched state for the outcome of the 2020 general election, and the key swing state started off the day by seriously undermining any faith that things will go smoothly. Breitbart reports that in Philadelphia, poll watchers were reportedly denied access to voting locations and witnessed claimed […]

Report: Late Surge For President Trump In PA Has Democrats Extremely Nervous

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden decided to play it safe with his presidential campaigning, at least that was what the optics were going for. The truth is, Joe Biden is old, weak, and frail and can’t handle campaigning at any kind of rigorous pace unlike his opponent, President Trump, who does multiple rallies a […]

Eight GOP Counties In PA Frustrate Democrats With This Announcement On Mail-In Ballots

(Tea Party 247) – Democrats in battleground state Pennsylvania have been doing everything in their power to prolong the election as far past Election Day as possible. This, of course, opens the door for them to cheat after they see the direction the state is moving. State Republicans have decided to indulge the Democrats in […]

Gaffe Alert: Joe “Grandmom” Biden Embarrasses Himself All Around Philadelphia

(Tea Party 247) – The walking meme that is Joe Biden has struck yet again. It is likely no surprise to anybody. His gaffes are as regular as the rising sun. This time he described himself as a “grandmom” and in a separate incident declared he was wearing his Philadelphia Eagles jacket but he really […]

Breaking: New Poll Shows Most Americans Know About Biden Corruption Allegations — But Here’s How Many Believe Them

(Tea Party 247) – Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month you have undoubtedly heard about the New York Post’s stories presenting evidence that Hunter Biden and his father former Obama Vice President Joe Biden were engaged in corrupt international business dealings that were making the Biden family millions upon millions […]

Insanity: Associated Press Seems To Justify Islamist Violence In France

(Tea Party 247) – The leftist mainstream media has long made themselves an ally of Islam. Whenever an Islamist terrorist strikes somewhere in the world, the leftist media does everything they can to downplay the Islamist part. Now, the Associated Press has taken thing a step further in a very disturbing direction. In the wake […]

Watch: If This 109-Year-Old Can Vote For Trump In Person, So Can You

(Tea Party 247) – If you’ve been around for the last 100 years, you might be appalled at how liberal and progressive America has become. Not many people can say they have been around to see this radical change in the very fabric of America but one Texas woman has been and she just proudly […]

Uh Oh: High-Profile Michigan Democrat Admits Trump Will Probably Win His State

(Tea Party 247) – There are so many things that President Donald Trump will be remembered for, but high up on the list is the way he has completely changed the political landscape. While previously, many had been complaining of what seemed like a false paradigm two-party system as the Democrat and Republican establishment seemed […]

Retired Model And #WalkAway Ex-Democrat Censored By Twitter Just For Being Trump Supporter

(Tea Party 247) – While the whole of the Trump era has been marked with decided anti-Trump and anti-Conservative bias on social media, the last few months have seen the tech tyrants ramp up their game in a way we’ve never seen before. They’ve gone from trying to pretend they’re unbiased to just brazenly suppressing […]

CNN “Fact-Checks,” Refuses To Air Trump Ad That Absolutely Scorches Biden

(Tea Party 247) – It’s pretty extraordinary that, four years after the American people elected President Donald Trump, CNN still pretends to be unbiased. The network has been one of the president’s biggest enemies on the public stage, and they’ve feigned objectivity and concern for the First Amendment all the way through. Their reporters, anchors, […]

Coronavirus And Threat Of Lockdowns Has Thrown Paris Into Total Chaos

(Tea Party 247) – Tens of thousands of citizens of the city of Paris took to the streets last night in an attempt to flee the city ahead of the national lockdown issued by French President Emannuel Macron, causing massive traffic jams and other forms of chaos all over the city. Video clips posted on […]

Watch: Don Lemon Displays Just How Tolerant He And The Left Truly Are

(Tea Party 247) – Americans have lost complete trust in the mainstream media and for good reason. They lie nonstop, bash President Trump any chance they get and are constantly running defense for the crooked left. Perhaps, however, the most off-putting and offensive habit of the left-wing media talking-heads is denigrating and making fun of […]

Must Read: General Michael Flynn And Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Send Incredible Open Letter To President Trump

(Tea Party 247) – Many individuals today feel like there’s more at stake in this particular election than what is usually up for grabs, which is simply a shift in the occupant of the White House. Our culture continues to embrace evil and call it good, while eschewing good and calling it evil. It feels […]

Alert: Islamic Terrorist Goes On Bloody Rampage Inside French Church

(Tea Party 247) – French police have arrested a man who appears to have carried out the third radical Islamic terrorist attack in the country in a month’s time Thursday morning after he went on a bloody rampage inside a church located in the city of Nice. Three people were killed in the assault, which […]

Former Prime Minister Of Malaysia Shows Shocking Support For Islamist Terrorists In France

(Tea Party 247) – Leftists all around the world have formed an alliance with Islam which is ironic considering the tenants of Islam oppose much of what the left stands for (i.e. transgenderism, women’s rights, homosexuality). This is also despite the fact that the “religion” is the justification for terror attacks that take the lives […]

Check Out The Massive Impact Of The Wall That President Trump Promised And Delivered

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump may well be the first President in US history to make promises during his campaign and actually follow through and keep them after being elected. In 2016 when Trump was campaigning, he made a lot of big promises, the most popular among his voter base was his promise to […]

After Months Of Bashing Trump Over Virus Handling, Europe Is Getting Locked Down… Again

(Tea Party 247) – The leftist media has nonstop attacked President Trump over his administration’s handling of the coronavirus, the world’s most dangerous not-all-that-deadly virus. Despite the fact that President Trump acted quickly and efficiently, the media and the Democrats have done nothing but disparage him at every turn. What’s their plan? You might be […]

Security Guard Says He Could Have Stopped Manchester Bomber… But He Was Worried About Being Called “Racist”

(Tea Party 247) – This is a sobering account of the very real human cost of psychotic political correctness that defies all reason and sensibility. There is nothing wrong with being fair to all people, regardless of their outward appearance or different ethnic or cultural backgrounds. It is something else entirely to be afraid to […]

Alert: US Marshals Just Made Biggest Sex Trafficking Bust In US History

(Tea Party 247) – President Donald Trump made it clear early on that ending human trafficking and helping to protect children who were forced into sex slavery was going to be a very big part of his administration. He’s taken a number of steps to provide help for this mission and they are now seeing […]

Breaking: People Are Waking Up As Anti-Lockdown Protests Explode

(Tea Party 247) – All year long, people around the world have been told by those in power, who have received counsel and advice from so-called “scientists” and “medical experts” that we need to be on lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, despite the fact the illness still spread during that entire time […]

Disgusting NXIVM Sex Cult Leader Just Got Exactly What He Deserved

(Tea Party 247) – Keith Raniere, the absolutely, utterly, totally disgusting leader of the sex cult known as NXIVM, just discovered his fate after learning that he’s being sentenced to a whopping 120 years behind bars. Raniere ran his sex-cult where he treated women as sex slaves, going so far to brand them like cattle […]

Where Are The Feminists On Hunter Biden Child Sex Abuse Allegations?

(Tea Party 247) – Leftist zealots have shown their true colors in 2020. Many leftist movements have been started by activists who purport to have a moral or principled objection to something wrong yet when the rubber meets the road their blatant double standards and hypocrisy expose them for what they truly are: frauds. We […]

Kirstie Alley Absolutely Shreds Facebook, Twitter For Their Biased Censorship

(Tea Party 247) – The mainstream media in the US has been turned into a crooked propaganda outlet for the Deep State and the social media outlets are the left’s censorship arm. Their number one goal is protecting Joe Biden at all costs and that includes forfeiting integrity, principles, and truth itself. Ever since the […]

Former Fox News Never Trumper Shepard Smith Is Watching His Career Crash And Burn

(Tea Party 247) – One-time star of Fox News, Shepard Smith, abruptly left the network last year after spending the majority of the Trump administration complaining about the commander-in-chief. He eventually landed a new show at CNBC, but it is a major flop, predictably. Mediaite reports that the show is rating so low, it’s even […]

Censorship: Guess What’s Happening To People Who Try To Share This Damning Hunter Biden Video?

(Tea Party 247) – Silicon Valley is interfering with our election. There’s no other way to put it. They have decided to wield the massive amount of power they have over the flow of information in the final days of the general election. And they are using this power to suppress the most damning information […]

Pro-Trump Police Officer Suspended After Doing This From His Squad Car

(Tea Party 247) – A member of the New York Police Department has been suspended and is now under investigation for declaring his support for “Trump 2020” over a bullhorn while in a police car. Meanwhile, police officers who have shown solidarity with the distinctly ideological and anti-police Black Lives Matter appear to have never […]

Huge: These Major Fox News Anchors And Personalities Just Got Diagnosed With COVID-19

(Tea Party 247) – On Monday, Fox News higher-ups announced that several members of the cable news outlet’s staff have tested positive for the coronavirus, including several prominent anchors who are now in quarantine along with some of the network’s executives. Those who tested positive were all aboard a private flight back to New York […]

Black Lives Matter Protests Rage Again In This California City After Man Shot By Police

(Tea Party 247) – The summer saw a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter protests and riots—funny that this only ever seems to happen during an election year, right? Well, the fall has brought relative calm to the unprecedented outbreak of violent civil unrest, but it appears that the nation is in for yet another […]

Numbers For New Jersey Trump Vehicle Rally Will Blow Your Mind — Four More Years!!

(Tea Party 247) – Exactly four years ago, all the pollsters and media experts were assuring us that there was no way that Donald Trump was about to win the presidency. All the while, Trump was holding record, blowout rallies in stadiums across the nation and Trump supporters were starting a brand-new movement of MAGA […]

Jennifer Aniston’s Unhinged, Racist Instagram Post On Why We Shouldn’t Vote For Trump

(Tea Party 247) – When you’re known primarily for your trendy 90s-era layered hairstyle and having once been married to Brad Pitt, one doesn’t expect your insight into politics to be that robust. But it’s 2020, and celebrities think that simply being famous and good at pretending to be fictional characters on screen makes one […]

Watch: Rabid BLM Protesters Assault Hispanic Woman As Part Of Riot Over… Equality?

(Tea Party 247) – Another day, another Black Lives Matter protest. If you still think that BLM is all about fighting for racial justice and equality, you better think again. BLM is a Marxist political movement that is intent on creating as much discord and division within America as possible. They do not care about […]

Social Media Platforms Continue To Showcase Left-Wing Bias As They Promote Giuliani “Hit-Job”

(Tea Party 247) – Ever since the New York Post released its story on the now infamous Hunter Biden email between him and an adviser with Burisma in which the Burisma official thanked Hunter for “the opportunity” to meet with his father, social media outlets have been caught up in a fervent panic to scrub […]

San Diego School District Takes Drastic Measures To “Combat Racism” That Are Actually Very Racist

(Tea Party 247) – Democrats have been tickling the ears of minorities for decades and now that this has been heavily and effectively highlighted this election cycle, minorities are fleeing the left in droves. While Democrats have pretended to be champions for minorities, in reality minority communities across the country have done really poorly under […]

Must Watch: President Trump Gets This Awesome Endorsement Out Of Flint, Michigan

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump has proved he has broad appeal among America’s working blue-collared middle-class. He has proven that he actually cares about these people. He has given more rallies than we can even keep track of at this point. Travelling all across the country, visiting communities that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris […]

Here’s A Brief List Of All That President Trump Has Accomplished That The Left Wants You To Ignore

(Tea Party 247) – Ever since President Trump was sworn into office the left has been vehemently opposing him. The Deep State has been actively working against him, even setting him up with the fake Steele dossier and the whole Russian-collusion scam. Democrats sitting in Congress have been obstructing him every step of the way […]

UK Equalities Minister Takes Bold Stand Against BLM Movement, Critical Race Theory In This Powerful Speech

(Tea Party 247) – Black Lives Matter and “critical race theory” are dangerous to America. They’re dangerous to the entire world, actually. As we have seen occurring all around the US, the education system has become saturated with woke teachers and professors attempting to teach radical race ideologies which always make white people out to […]

Here’s Jill Biden’s Obnoxious Response To Being Asked About “The Attacks” Against Her Crime Family

(Tea Party 247) – Conservatives in the United States have had enough of the constant media bias against President Trump. The way in which the media plays defense for the Biden’s is truly appalling and frustrating. Since the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop revealing an email between him and Ukrainian adviser for […]

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Gets Immediately Called Out After He Makes This Claim About Reporting On RNC Chair’s Hacked Emails

(Tea Party 247) – The majority of Americans don’t trust the lying mainstream media anymore. Their credibility is completely shot. They don’t even pretend to be unbiased anymore and it’s downright shameful and appalling. The MSM talking-heads literally lie right to our faces with impunity and the worst part is liberal lock-steps gobble the propaganda […]

Slate Reader Asks For Help Making Sure Her 2-Year-Old Is Woke Enough. No, Really.

(Tea Party 247) – Maybe it really is time to introduce selective sterility for Americans. Of course, we say this sarcastically and in jest, but some people really just don’t seem fit to be parents. By “some people” we mean liberals and there’s good reason for it. It’s woke liberal parents who insist that their […]

Breaking: Imprisoned Hunter Biden Associate Who Exposed Damning Emails Could Now Be In Danger

(Tea Party 247) – A former business associate of Hunter Biden who flipped on the Biden crime family after going to prison has now been moved from his cell, possibly out of fear for his safety as the damning emails he exposed to the press gain more national attention. Last week, Bevan Cooney, who had […]

Shocking Insight Into Why Seattle Police Officers Are Leaving The Department In Droves

(Tea Party 247) – Poor leadership. A Marxist city council. Continued attacks on police officers from a small group of radicals who are never held accountable. This is the common theme of exit interviews from Seattle police officers, who are leaving the department in record numbers following a year of civil unrest and city-sanctioned animosity […]

Yet Another Project Veritas Bombshell: How Google Is Directly Helping Democrats Get Elected

(Tea Party 247) – This weeks’ news cycle has been like drinking from a firehose. More and more damning information is coming out from the release of a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, Democrat candidate for President Joe Biden’s son. Twitter and Facebook face continued backlash for censoring the original report about the explosive information […]

Watch: Antifa Members Conduct Satanic Ritual Amid Protest—Using Real, Bloody Heart

(Tea Party 247) – It is incredibly important to understand that at the root of far-left, radical ideology like that behind Antifa is a fundamental philosophical difference from that on which our nation was founded. This is why the adherents to this ideology rage so violently and angrily against our most sacred institutions, from criminal […]

Unreal: Trump Supporters Shot At For Trying To Be Friendly To Biden Supporter—This Is Insane

(Tea Party 247) – “What is this world coming to?” These were the words of one incredulous judge faced with a man who pulled out a shotgun and fired at a father and son who honked their horn at him as they passed by while he was putting up a Black Lives Matter sign in […]

Leftists Triggered That Rapper 50 Cent Endorses Trump, So Candace Owens Schools Them With Economics Lesson

(Tea Party 247) – It’s hard to deny that some of the most racist people in our country today are leftists who think they can tell black people how to vote. Of course, black people are, in reality, perfectly intelligent, capable individuals who make their own decisions about who to support and vote for. And […]

Just In: Sen Ron Johnson Says Hunter Biden Emails Point To Much Bigger Crimes

(Tea Party 247) – By now you’ve had to have heard about the New York Post’s story about an email from 2015 that shows a Ukrainian adviser for the corrupt Burisma thanking Hunter Biden for the “opportunity” to meet with his father. Upon the release of this email social media networks Twitter and Facebook frantically […]

The Biden-Big Tech Operatives The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About

(Tea Party 247) – Over the last four years we have seen a gradual progression of bias on the internet. From social media platforms banning and silencing conservatives to Google outright suppressing stories and conservative or alternative news sites, it has gradually gone from bad to much, much worse. At the onset of the coronavirus […]

Wow: What Protesters Just Did With Andrew Cuomo’s Book Outside Brooklyn Nursing Home

(Tea Party 247) – Through all the lies and deceit the Democrats have actually managed to get one thing right, well, sort of. They claim that President Trump has totally mismanaged the coronavirus “crisis” and while the “crisis” has very much been mishandled, it has not been so by President Trump. The mishandling has been […]

Joe Biden Questioned On New York Post Email Story. His Response? You’ll Roll Your Eyes

(Tea Party 247) – A smear campaign is when an individual makes up a deliberate plan to spread false and damaging claims against a public figure in order to discredit them. Unfortunately, smear campaigns, though full of lies and misinformation, can be highly effective. Millions of Americans actually believe President Trump was in bed with […]

Does Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping Have The Coronavirus? Suspicious Video Raises Questions

(Tea Party 247) – The Chinese coronavirus has turned the world on its head. Ever since the virus broke out of Wuhan, China, early this year and spread across the world like wild fire nothing has been the same. Democrats in the United States have used the crisis as a political weapon against President Trump […]

Paris Terror: What We Know So Far About Gruesome Islamic Beheading

(Tea Party 247) – With all of the coronavirus madness going on in the world it seems some issues that were heavily discussed before the pandemic have been put on the back burner. Issues like the massive overtaking of European cities by thousands upon thousands of Middle Eastern and African migrants thanks to progressive, liberal […]

Joe Biden Can Deny All He Wants, Reporter Peter Schweizer Has Proof Of Hunter-Burisma Corruption

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden, who has asserted that he “is” the Democratic Party, has a long history of lying and dishonesty and now all those who support and cover for Biden are stuck in his web of deceit right along with him. Ever since President Trump and the GOP has shown a light […]

Here We Go: Russia Hoax, 2020 Version Launched Following Release Of Hunter-Burisma Emails

(Tea Party 247) – This week, a massive October surprise was dropped on the Biden campaign. Explosive emails shared with the New York Post revealed that, contrary to what he has claimed in the past, Joe Biden did discuss his son’s business dealings in Ukraine with him—in fact, he appears to have met Hunter Biden’s […]

Bill Gates Whines That Americans Are “Targeting” Him With “Anti-Vaxx Conspiracy Theories” — But Here’s The Truth

(Tea Party 247) – Bill Gates. The self-proclaimed expert of literally everything that the world never knew it needed. Just when you thought Bill Gates was a tech guy he surprised us all by revealing that he, too, was an epidemiologist and a vaccine expert. Never mind the fact that he stands to make literally […]

Unreal: New Hunter Biden Emails Reveal Huge Bombshell About How He Tried To Cash In On China Using Money Being Held For His Father

(Tea Party 247) – The big news story of the week is without a doubt the newly released emails from what might actually be Hunter Biden’s laptop, which reveal that he introduced his father, Joe Biden, to an executive who worked alongside him at Burisma Holdings, which may have led to the elder Biden abusing […]

Black Woman Triggers Leftists After Trump Nailed “White Supremacy” Trap At NBC Town Hall

(Tea Party 247) – We all know that President Trump is never, ever going to get a fair shake from the mainstream media, as almost every major news outlet in this country is left-leaning and all are on-board with destroying his administration out of spite and as a means of proving themselves worthy to be […]

Eye Roll: Here’s What Happens When Rachel Maddow And Kamala Harris Get To Talking About “Rights”

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats really have a fundamentally flawed understanding of the Constitution and the way our democracy works. They still have not accepted the fact that they lost the election in 2016 and failed to take control of the Senate in the 2018 midterm elections. They act as though they are the […]

Huge: Biden Campaign Responds To Hunter-Burisma Bombshell, You Won’t Believe How They’re Playing This

(Tea Party 247) – Corruption and the Bidens seem to go hand-in-hand. While Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden vehemently denies any allegations of wrongdoing against him and his son Hunter Biden, his campaign relentlessly runs defense and seems to have an excuse for any accusations that come his way. By now, the Hunter Biden-Burisma story […]

Breaking: Facebook, Twitter Take Further Steps To Censor New York Post After Bombshell Hunter Biden Story

(Tea Party 247) – The internet has been abuzz in the wake of a shocking, seemingly coordinated decision on the part of Twitter and Facebook to censor a New York Post bombshell report on Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The report revealed emails that contradicted claims on the part of […]

You Won’t Believe What Gov. Cuomo Said About Lockdown When He Thought No Microphones Were Recording

(Tea Party 247) – Some people are legitimately afraid of the coronavirus and they have good reason to be. It isn’t that the virus is super deadly with it’s over 98% survival rate that scares them, it’s the media’s portrayal of the virus and the Democrat’s fear-mongering tactics that are keeping people living in fear […]

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